NARC G1 Garlic is packed with various benefits which are:

  • A natural immunity booster
  • Preventing bacterial growth
  • Organic disinfector


NARC G1 Garlic, also known as the Elephant garlic, as it is much bigger in size. It is oversized garlic whose bulb consists of 9-10 large cloves. It is one of the most popular ingredients that is used in almost all kitchens around the world. The flavor it gives to the food and to unmatched medical properties have made garlic an essential commodity of the kitchen.

How is NARC G1 GARLIC Different from Ordinary Garlic?

You can find a variety of garlic in the market. Most garlic in the market is conventional garlic. The way garlic is cultivated and handled also makes a difference. The garlic that is grown through extensive use of pesticides and fertilizers tends to disrupt taste and nutrient compositions. Thus, while such can help improve the quantity of the garlic produced, it does compromise heftily on the quality.
We at Qurban Agro cultivate the NARC G1 Garlic that is grown organically without pesticides and fertilizers. The NARC G1 Garlic has a higher nutritive value than conventional and Chinese garlic.
Organic garlic is not exposed to chemical treatments and thus retains its organoleptic and nutritional properties. Thus it is packed with vitamins B1, B6, and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Also, Allicin in organic garlic is actually what makes it a favorable choice.

In truth, the real strength of organic garlic is a much higher content of allicin, compared to the variety coming from standard farming methods. This active ingredient, at the base of its characteristic odor, has an effective action against various ailments:

  • High cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Formation of atherosclerotic plaques
  • Heart diseases
  • High blood viscosity
  • Increase in blood pressure parameters
  • Risk of stroke, heart attack, ischemia

Avoiding Pesticides and Fertilizers for High-Quality Garlic

We at the Qurban Agro do not use chemicals while cultivating the NARC G1 garlic. We use organic farming techniques to cultivate garlic and other fruits and vegetables. We aim at producing the highest quality of garlic rather than yielding high quantities. Thus, we allow the garlic to complete its growth naturally without using any kinds of chemicals that accelerate the growth process of the vegetables and yield tasteless and huge yields.

How is NARC G1 Garlic cultivated?

The NARC G1 Garlic is cultivated in two seasons, once in winter and once in summer. The technique for cultivating the NARC G1 Garlic is to do it under cover. Such allows us to obtain natural prebiotics. Thus, allows to improve immunity as it is packed with essential amino acids, saponins, vitamins, provitamins, mineral salts, and rare elements.
Garlic is cultivated on ridges. NARC G1 Garlic can be cultivated on the ground or the beds. However, Qurban Agro cultivates the NARC G1 garlic in ridges which are placed in an east-west direction to improve the sunlight.
Attaining a good yield of about 80,000 to 100,000 plants per acre, then a zigzag on both sides. The distance between the bed is 16-18 inches and the seed is pressed 1-2 inches in the ground.
Why does Qurban Agro focus on the cultivation of NARC G1 Garlic?
Qurban Agro is a proud producer of NARC G1 Garlic. The reason that Qurban Agro focuses on the cultivation of NARC G1 Garlic is that it is one of the most demanding vegetables. Most dishes cooked utilize a good amount of garlic.
Replace medicines with our organic vegetables such as NARC G1 Garlic to enjoy good health!

What are the Benefits of NARC G1 Garlic?

NARC G1 Garlic is packed with various benefits which are:

  • A natural immunity booster
  • Preventing bacterial growth
  • Organic disinfector
  • Source of essential vitamins
  • Enriched with Amino Acids
  • Naturally encapsulated with Saponins, provitamins, and mineral salts

Why produce NARC G1 Garlic in Pakistan?

Pakistan is a land most suitable for agriculture. The total area of the country is 796 million hectares out of which 22.1 million hectares is fertile land utilized by the agricultural sector. The most fertile land is Punjab. The favorable temperatures and irrigated lands allow Pakistan to rank among the top ten producers of wheat, cotton, mango, oranges, dates, and sugarcane.
Pakistan is also suitable for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables as the country is equipped with the world’s largest contiguous irrigation system, providing 80% of the cultivated land with proper irrigation.
NARC G-1 Garlic requires irrigated, fertile land and suitable weather conditions to grow while encapsulating the properties of the garlic.
At Qurban Agro, extensive Turbine wells have been installed to bring more area under irrigated agriculture. Our farmland is suitable for different kinds of vegetables, fruits, and corps i.e. lady finger, Gourds, Cucumbers, chili, spinach, carrots, broccoli, Garlic, Green Peas, cauliflowers, strawberry, watermelon, melon, wheat, gram, groundnut, millets, sorghum, oilseeds, and fodders. Maize and sunflower.


Proteins (g)


Total Lipid (g)


Energy (kcal)


Calcium (mg)


Phosphorus, P (mg)


Potassium, K (mg)


Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid (mg)


Vitamin K (phylloquinone) (mcg)


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